Health Arts Society of Ontario (HASO) is a developing entity in the province, and is anticipated to rapidly develop a project along the lines established by Health Arts Society (BC) and Société pour les Arts en Milieux de Santé (SAMS).

Health Arts Society (BC) was founded in the first days of 2006 to meet the clear need for live professional arts programmes for people in health care sites.  The largest audiences in health care for arts programmes are found in residences for elders.  Many of these people will be unable to access live music or theatre arts for the rest of their lives.  Most public health authorities do not have mandated standards or budgets for providing quality of life programmes for people living in chronic care residences.  Occupational therapy and recreation staff make valiant efforts to provide programmes but the cost of them is stripped from already pressed operating budgets.  Health Arts Society wants to see this situation change and its concert programme is an agent of that change.  

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